Artist Statement

Colleen Carstensen Peterson’s (Cece) art reflects the trials and tribulations that she has experienced through life. Her intentions are to reveal the struggle and loneliness but also the strength of womanhood. Cece’s bold color palette creates the female form representing light, shadow, and space. Taking a closer look at each shape and stroke, the big and small events in life becomes a harmonious dance on canvas. The artmaking process thrusts her into a place where she can celebrate the growth and progress made from believing in herself and hopes to help others see their strength through their trials and tribulations. 

Colleen Carstensen Peterson

Colleen Carstensen Peterson

Artist Bio

Colleen Carstensen Peterson aka CeCe, has made it her life mission to help others see their strength through their trials and tribulations. Something she was infinitely familiar with from being diagnosed with dyslexia at age 8. CeCe took on this obstacle head-on creating “Accentuate the Positive” program. Her advocacy for those with learning disabilities helped crown her Miss Teen United States in 2001. Life trials continued with the loss of her brother from an accidental drug overdose at age 25 which was then followed by years of infertility but eventual birth of her son whom was unexpectedly severely disabled and medically complex, nonetheless an absolute gift of joy. CeCe continues to trailblaze from her trials and tribulations by creating the non-profit Children’s Organization of Lending Equipment, helping disabled children get the adaptive equipment they need.

CeCe had the great fortune of training with Figure Skating Greats Nancey Kerrigan and Scott Hamilton. As an Olympic trained figure skater her training included studying art pieces, classical music, ballet and artistry in motion all with the goal of telling a story on ice in four-minute programs, a key force that helped her work become what it is today.

A collector once brilliantly said “sit, stare and watch…. like her 4 min programs on ice as a figure skater, you can see the story unfold of a woman filled with emptiness, despair and loneliness transcend to volition and utter strength. CeCe’s ability to create such emotional movement in her paintings is nothing less than stunning.” 

The COLE Foundation (Children’s Organization of Lending Equipment)

Families with children with disabilities face multiple barriers in providing their child with the adaptive equipment they need to aid in and promote continued development. Adaptive equipment is costly and insurance companies frequently do not cover the much-needed items. Private Insurance and Minnesota Medical Assistance often denies claims or takes months, sometimes up to a year, to approve the equipment. In this waiting game the child has grown and often will need different adaptive equipment. The COLE Foundation strives to meet this need at no cost to the families.
Click here to visit and learn more about the COLE Foundation.

International Contemporary Exhibition “LOVE MY BODY” February 2021

M.A.D.S. is a contemporary venue located in one of the liveliest areas of Milan, Italy. My Instagram page caught Italian Art Curator Ylenia De Giosa’s eye and asked if I would be interested in displaying three of my works in her show. This amazing exhibition was full of important international artists and I was humbly honored to be among them.

Your Purchase Helps Children With Special Needs, Thank You!

50% of the proceeds of each purchased painting helps provide children with special needs get the adaptive equipment they need to learn grow and play.